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Jasmine lawhorne 7 years ago
Omg I LOVE making guys suck the cum outta my pussy when they nut all up in me. Pussy so good they don't even hesitate to drink their own cum mixed with my sloppy pussy juices ! CHuuuuuuuurCH!
so what 5 years ago
If it's gay. ITS SO FUCKING NASTY AND HOOOOTTTT!!! I LOVE watching a guy eat creamy cum out a sluts open cunt. Fuck that shit makes my clit swell soooo fucking hard everytime. I'm so fucking turned on right now I'm dripping between my legs. Wish someone was here to suck me to orgasm right now.
Just a John 6 years ago
Me and the wife are both bi swingers. We both love to have multiple partners on occasion. Licking on hot, swollen, cum-dredged pussy is not a problem with either one of us. In fact, she knows a LOVE her to straddle my face and feed me those fuck juices.
love it 7 years ago
i love it when my girl gets filled up by r roommate. i lick her pussy clean from him then fill her up and lick my own out of her
1 year ago
I grew up sucking my own dick . Stopped when i met my wife . Never grew out of loving my cum . Love to eat it out of and off of her .
Tom 5 years ago
Eating my own cum out of my wife or gf's ass or pussy is such a turn on. We love to share our sexual juices. Yum...
joe 3 years ago
Why aren't there more vids of this? Haven't seen a new one here in years
Scott 7 years ago
ILove Eating My Cum From My Wife's Gorgeous Asshole, YUMMMMM!!!!!!
curious 6 years ago
I want to try this in mean time I'll eat my own cum of my hand
Filth 7 years ago
Gay is doing this with your boyfriend, this is just hot