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Wanda 3 years ago
Linda and I do this fairly regular. We live with two men and always clean up after each other. Most of the time we suck the guys cocks while they cum but when the guys cum in our pussy we do 69 and suck the cum from each other. That way there is never a wet spot on the bed. Plus we both love the taste of fresh cum, probably why we get along so well.
horny 3 years ago
eating a creampie is deliclous tastingwith cum an pussy juice
anon. 3 years ago
disgusting ........but guess that's 1 reason to watch porn-see stuff that you would n0t do ......
just , ugh .
Mmmmm 5 years ago
That creampie looks so delicious !!!!!!!
3 years ago
I believe every married couple should bring a woman in and do this to keep the sex hot and inventive.
3 years ago
Need my pussy ate like that
Dan 3 years ago
Great clip. No stupid degrading talk from the "cock". He obviously enjoyed the eroticism of the act. Wish I could experience that. Bravo to the cream pie eater.
premature ejaculator 3 years ago
Now that's one very nasty slut right there, and she even swallowed it and enjoyed it!
Fucker 2 years ago
Model name both of
incest 6 years ago
My mommy and sissy do that with my cum