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Sexy mummy 3 years ago
I really want to do this with my husband so baddd and is it weird i wanna be the bitch thats cleans the sluts pussy he fucks
Wanda 3 years ago
MY BF and his brother have poker games on the weekends with two or three friends. My BF's brother brought his GF Linda to one of the games, Linda and I ended up in a 69 position while the guys fucked us from behind. The men would cum in our pussy, we would suck the cock clean then suck the cum out of each others pussy. It was messy but loads of fun. Afterwards Linda and I spent the next few hours sucking cocks. It was a great night for all.
Lezy 5 years ago
I know my hubby love to have a mistress he loves eating pussy cream and ass as well. I'm bi and would love to join in on occasion
696969 3 years ago
Love watching my wife eat my cum out of her bf pussy , we really love this , the wetter the better
Jonnie 3 years ago
Would love to swap places with the bitch at 2:00 and eat up all that cum and suck that cock !
Garret 3 years ago
Its interesting and really exciting, but were does one find ladies like that ? Here in USA appears very up tight afraid of diseases and aftermath ... Sex is an appetite but does either party feel guilty or resentment ? Relationships are built on trust... Is that an issue afterwards ? Reasonable questions unless all these people being paid. Probably so. My guess or 80/20 %
Nice 3 years ago
The second scene makes me cum every time ...lovely :))
Annon 333 2 years ago
Love watching these ladies licking up that cum
Love creampie eaters 3 years ago
I will fill all you ladies holes with my sweet cum..and you can all share nothing hotter than that ....fuck im hard
Genereau 1 year ago
What a wonderful video beginning to end. The ladies who willingly eating semen out of a freshly fucked vagina, simply wonderful