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Tom 3 years ago
Shes hot
What the fuck 2 years ago
XNXX, get your shit together. This is meant to be in the Tranny category, are you guys insane? Also, be a friend and put all the bisexual shit in the gay section too. Nobody wants to see that when they scroll through this place.
Trans 2 years ago
I'm a tranny I met this guy in New Orleans we were drinking talking hitting it off he told me he wanted me I confessed that I was different he asked how? I told him I was trans she asked could I still suck his dick I told him yes. We left went to my room I sucked him so good and wouldn't let him cum then he begged to fuck me. I climbed on him cowgirl with condom on and fucked the negro's brains out. We still together today and I keep his balls drained he keep my boy pussy loaded.